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8 / 22/ 11

The awaited time sits before us in an arrangement of dates and celestial events not yet known. The predictions have been presented since the time of biblical events and beyond. From astrological events to numerical codes, humanity sits on the cusp of a rare space with no simulation to its form. Neither emotional nor felt descriptions can see or decode the substance that stands before us, veils beyond the seers eyes are noted, and there is nothing to indulge the senses of the human intelligence. That being the case, there is no alternative other than the fact that we can no longer view this existence as a third dimensional world with a third dimensional mind base. We have grown to where nothing is tangible to our senses. We accept our plight and discover no longer the physical or mental needs of our worldly concept. We are light beings and the alternative no longer connects to our souls purpose, “to return to one”. What gives rise to our existence is our intention. What you intend for this Little Blue Star in this celestial jar of fireflies, stars or heavenly hosts. If we look into the evening landscape, we find ourselves literally surrounded by stars in what we perceive as a galaxy. If I may suggest a different view or insight on this image now in your mind, think of each star as a living being-ness, projecting its consciousness upon the grateful Blue Star Earth and its inhabitants. Each in meditation, holding a third eye mental image of the Earth, its life forms and conscious state, to hold stead fast on there journey to God self status. As we loose the parallel bars that support us and stand on our own in the great abyss, we know now that it was our own fear and lack of trust that held us back, to now grasp this time. Without weight, judgment or feelings, we exist in God. There is nothing yet all, no way to put your finger on anything that exists, for all is nothing and nothing is all. Planets become stars and stars become novas and we are star beings going home. Filled with desire and attraction in the positive charge of love, to exchange the energy of our purpose. To continue to expand and contract the immeasurable existence of creation in all that is. The photon golden rays piercing the waves of midnight blue liquid either of our celestial energy system bend in light rays. These rays are prismatic in nature and in hues of various forms exemplifying the fractal existence of their wavelength in this aspect of intention of God vibration. Each frequency or tone of vibration sets forth form in focus with the reflection of its light / tone, a rainbow projection seen from the position of its experience. Each tone or color moves or vibrates at a rate equal to the adjusted level of its substance. From rays to rocks, from rock to lava, from flower to vegetables, from animal to conscious being. One ray one color has within it, all, returning to and moving from, expanding and contracting. It is God and all things in God, one vibration one tone. We are in motion at all times. It must be understood that all things both animate and inanimate are of this divine ray and very much alive. Rock, metal and wood could not hold itself in that projection if it were not alive. The molecular structure of each is that simple, or it would not exist. We are now approaching the golden age. Simple put it is a space / time event when we are in direct flow of photon or golden light rays. Photons are androgynous and when they pass through third layer ozone they separate into positive and negative charges. Our Blue Star Earth has been preparing for this event by slowing down its rotation. This process allows for the ozone layers at the north and south poles to open. Photon rays or rods have been entering the atmosphere and are attaching to the earth and penetrating into the core. This photonic effect raises the frequencies of the earth or heats it at the core, and then we have global warming. This natural process is a normal incubation transition for a planet that is becoming a star, and with it hu-man’s (hue meaning light or angel and man meaning animal) becoming star beings, the light beings they are. Remember we are just light and all that exists is light and comes from light. Like an egg, the Earth will penetrate its outer shell. And as the phoenix will implode upon its self and upon the ash of its own self, will explode into flames of glorifying reflections of fractal form of all that is and shine greater than ever before as the phoenix raised. The divine light beings of the Blue Star Earth will continue their path of service. And through the haze of shadowed light beings returning to source, oneness will be graced upon them. Through conscious choice they will become the new light upon the horizon for direction and to gaze upon. The continued out breath and in breath of life will continue to journey and search for self and for the realization of the omnipresent of all creation. As with the transformation of the phoenix, that passed with the date of August 17, 1987 and the noted Harmonic Convergence. On January 1, 2011 we experienced the first DNA trigger of the 11:11. The first 11 meaning the spiraling DNA of our physical bodies ascending, and the second 11 representing the spiral of our spiritual being, descending. This binary time clock signifies that we are now one with spirit. The date of October 28, 2011 will pass with the end of the Mayan wave cycles and the beginning of the spiral into the calendar core. The 260-day cycle of the core experience is a honing of the oneness of your being, a tempering of the light and sound, igniting you into the alchemist precious white light, of your own creation? On November 11, 2011, the 11:11:11, our solar system peers through the underside of the galaxy and we receive the first continuous rays of photon golden light, from the central sun of our universe. On December 21, 2012 we will turn around and view the world we passed through in another direction spinning counter clockwise. Nothing will have changed except our position and viewpoint. From 1:11:11 to 11:11:11 through 1:2:12 to 12:21:12 and beyond we will experience and continue to experience numbers that signify codes or markers within our intended patterns of believes. We are the light that passes through the prism, and the glorious rainbow bridge of fractal creation within the mind of all. We are our own creation and the reflection of our morphogenetic reality.

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5 / 6/ 05

Be Happy, Find Peace, and Always be In Love.

Ronald Charles Wescott

8 / 15/ 95

Essentially all wonders of this world will be invisible. The Earth will speak out in love, and there will be change. The celestial heavens above will fall upon us, not in thunder and lighting, but in consciousness, and over whelming presentations of light matter frequencies imaging the higher realms of existence. We will fall or rise to the occasion as the case may be, individually with the I Am presences in our hearts. Peace will come to those who serve it, and the will of the Creator will prevail in everlasting light.

Ronald Charles Wescott

9 / 23/ 09

Before the dawn of time the thoughts of nature awakened the slumber in all. The Sun shined upon the Earth and the jubilation of the day began. All worked in cohesive balance till the setting of the Sun, for the all. The balance of nature flowed within the heart of all life. When the night fell upon the land the watchful stars awakened and provided guidance for the nights journey. Upon the moons cycled paths of understanding, rested the hearts of all. Now is the time of remembering, calling forth the paths journey, knowing who and where we have been. As the cycles of the Moon and of the glorious Sun continuous path endures, we will go on in new light and higher frequencies as the Creator has chosen. For the divine will of the Father Mother God holds all in love, for life is good. Let us rejoice, for the experience, knowing the new land has been reached. When your foot touches the new world know in your heart that your being-ness is a part of it all. For you will never know whether you died or you lived.

Ronald Charles Wescott