Medicine Wheel Mandala Press Release

Ronald C. Wescott

Ronald Charles Wescott is an energy worker, an inner-dimensional and multi-dimensional teacher. His practice of Ancient Galactic Wisdom, Lemurian, Atlantian, American, Tibetan and Hindu rites are far-reaching. Ron’s quest into the world of inner knowing began at an early age. His continued growth and conscious awareness serves Hu-MAN beings on all levels. He is truly of service and of the heart. The MEDICINE WHEEL MANDALA was created by Ron in June of 1993; this divine instrument was brought forth from creation to assist in the evolution of this Planet Earth, and to benefit the variety of life forms including the Divine Light Being (the Hu-MAN). Ron has personally guided many on their path to self-realization using the wheel. He lectures on the MEDICINE WHEEL MANDALA and explains the connection between Earth and the Galactic portals. Ron assists individuals through the four directions of empowerment during these lectures. This experience is truly unsurpassed today in the metaphysical realm. Experience the incredible energy of the MEDICINE WHEEL MANDALA firsthand.


The Seven Bodies:
The Medicine Wheel Mandala seven bodies (chakras) are star gate discs that you enter physically. Within their realm the experience is self evident and heart felt. Your internal wisdom responds in balance with the external wisdom that you are. The I AM.

The Ascending and Descending Wheels:
When entering these wheels, the universal forces act accordingly within the star gate, in this third dimensional world. The ascending wheel descends the forces of multiple dimensions and the descending wheel ascends the forces. Receiving this Divine experience truly opens your heart to the oneness that you are.

The Flower of Life:
A seven wheel star gate, where you choose the assistance to enter the world, within your own soul’s consciousness. This rebirthing process is self-realizing and an intentional part of your whole being-ness.

Fire and Ice:
An eleven wheel walk through the star gates of space. An extraordinary transformation of dimensional time!

The Hoop Stargate:
A 22 foot circular “active dimensional sphere” and “celestial stargate” with 12 master Medicine Wheel Mandalas. A dimensional experience chosen for this passage of space we have chosen to partake in. One and all with open hearts can embrace the oneness of the magnificent instrument.